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New year. Fresh Perspectives.

New year.  Fresh Perspectives.
Conversations are powerful vehicles for change when our hearts are open, and a recent one with my buddy has resonated within my soul so much this week.  The conversation revolved around trying to repeat the successes of the previous year and how much pressure there is to continue to impel ourselves forward–either inside or outside pressures.  But it sort of struck me these last few days that life is not always well-lived in the repeating of successes or even the constant push.  Life is not a repeat or a 3-peat or whatever-peat year to year.  And, it’s beyond the goals and the recognition; it’s in the intention–the choice of what we want our year to look like and what and how we choose depends on where we are in that moment.  Each year can look so completely different from the previous one. Sometimes we need to just breathe. For a week or a month or for an entire year.  But that choice to just breathe can be so freeing because it’s making the conscious choice to bring our life back to center.  And some years provide the strength and courage and opportunities to push farther and harder and with more strength than the previous year.  We are ready.  But, each of these choices is gifts and provide everything that we need in that moment….success, achievement, strength, passion….or just breath.
We can never doubt our own ability to bring it back to center.  We can never doubt our ability to achieve. New can never doubt our ability to love fully. We can never doubt what it feels like to say no for our hearts or for our family. We can never doubt what it feels like when that grace we give reaches the hurting inside.  And we can never doubt what it feels like to always stand our ground where hope can be found.
So as I am standing in the doorway of 2015, I am ready for what lies ahead of me.  I have turned the page.  2014 has been written, and I am proud of my year.  I am proud of what was created and harnessed and achieved and loved and nurtured. I am proud of the lessons learned and the grace I received. But most of all, I am proud that I never doubted my ability to bring it back to center.  So as the calendar flips to a new year, I challenge you to create your year for you….a year chock full of goals and successes, or a year to simply breathe in the simplicity and to leave the challenges behind for a little while.
And as we close 2014 and open our hearts to the possibilities that 2015 holds, I leave you with what one of my favorite yoga instructors says to close his classes…. peace and victorious you. Namaste. 
Chat with us live, now!



One of the many sweet new features of our complete technology overhaul? These awesome new live chat features! Live now on our maintenance portal, you can ask questions about your request, let us know about an emergency on your property, or just give is general feedback. Go check it out now….and say Hi to Steph for me! <3

The changes are coming!  The changes are coming!

changecomingChange is good!  And these changes can be extra exciting when our residents, both current and future, will benefit from them! Cambridge is undergoing changes online that will provide convenience for our future residents and few sweet perks for our current residents.

September 2014 will be an exciting month!  Our website will have a complete make-over and internal overhaul that will result in a new, more user-friendly internet experience.  

Cambridge’s future residents will benefit from a more user friendly interface to search for that PERFECT new home, book tours online, chat live with members of the leasing department, and so much more!

Our current residents will have a few added features as well!  Whether you look to try out a new spot, take advantage of some of our Cambridge-only discounts, cash in on that super-sweet-friend-referral program, or a host of other new online features, you too have some new things to look forward too!

What are a few of those new features?

  • Our blog will feature one local business per month, introducing residents to businesses in their area. We’ll even include a promo code for our residents to get a sweet treat at a sweet price.
  • Stay up to date on upcoming vacancies, alerts in your building, when new discounts are posted, and more by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  We will find you where you are!
  • Our improved Cambridge Connections with local discounts
  • Better search capabilities.
  • More photos!!
  • More ways to connect through social media
  • Chat live with our different departments
  • Better user interface


Any changes you want to see? We like to keep our residents happy, please send suggestions to yana@cambridgemanagementmgi.com for consideration.

Cambridge is a finalist for an award!  Woot!

Please indulge us for a moment while we take a little moment to brag….

Cambridge was nominated and is now a finalist in the San Diego Business Journal Family Owned Businesses Awards!  We couldn’t be more proud of this incredible team of people that we have surrounding us everyday.  And, while at it’s core, the owners are a mother/daughter team, we truly believe that each member of our team is part of our extended family.  We are ever grateful for this opportunity to even be recognized as a finalist…but we are even more grateful to be walking through life with some of the greatest people, every.single.day.  <3  If you see one of those sweet Cambridge folks walking around, take a moment to congratulate them for all of their hard work!!